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Re: yum clean bug

Jeff Spaleta wrote:
On 12/8/05, seth vidal <skvidal phy duke edu> wrote:
oh - but a word of warning - I've had a couple of different users tell
me that b/c of bandwidth constraints they have one machine that
downloads the packages into its cache then they nfs export their cache
dir out to their other linux boxes.

Yep I do this sort of thing on one network. a common share for the
cache so all the fc4 machines that i admin cache packages to the same
filesystem instead of having to regrab the same updates from the
outside network. Some machines have updates-testing enabled.. some of
them don't... but they all use the same cache tree.


Are your repos disabled on these server systems? i don't suspect you're running yum clean all on them either way unless you really want to re-get it all?

Also, IMO, this should be done as a mirror function (perhaps an idea for yum-utils) and stored elsewhere. as long as it's called a cache, it should be considered like that. Not something you want to count on is still there anyway.

I understand the bandwidth limitation issue, but those repos are likely to be enabled anyway so a yum clean would do just as much damage on those systems.

implement a noclean or protech option and we can all be happy. This would let yum know our intentions for disabling the repos.


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