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Re: yum clean bug

On Ven 9 d├ęcembre 2005 16:10, Jeff Spaleta wrote:

>> and accepted
>> Linux standards (cache is no longer disposable)
> I'll go ahead and file an RFE for the fedora core yum package to set
> cachedir explicitly to cachedir=/var/spool/yum in fedora core so we
> can avoid this argument in the future.  Though I might suggest a new
> directory
> spache  that is part spool and part cache... or maybe the directory
> should be called cool for part cache and part spool.

It says a lot about the yum developpers state of mind that even a direct
quote from a well-accepted standard attracts this kind of response. Guys,
if you don't want to listen to others, and have only abuse to offer, don't
answer questions at all. Why do you think every single yum thread is
degenerating lately ? Every single poster but you is brain-damaged ?

Nicolas Mailhot

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