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Re: yum clean bug

On 12/10/05, Jesse Keating <jkeating j2solutions net> wrote:
> [...]
> The question isn't whether or not the cache is disposable, the question
> is if I am ready for yum to dispose of it in a non intuitive way.  I
> disabled a repo, I don't want to see any operations involved with
> disabling this repo.  Doing operations in regard to this repo when it is
> disabled seems very counterintuitive to me.  Thus when I do a clear all,
> I want all cleared from enabled repos.  Period.

I think it is clear that there are people interpreting the meaning of
'all' differently.
To some people, 'all' really means all. To other people, 'all' means a
selection of things they have set from a slightly more encompassing
'all'. I know that the devs don't want to add "useless" new features
to yum, but personally having a few extra options like this really
wouldn't go astray, and would be very useful in lots of cases:
yum clean enabled
yum clean disabled

By all means tell us to hide away these new features in yum-utils (if
anyone wants to code them), but I don't think the issue should just be


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