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Re: yum clean bug

> It says a lot about the yum developpers state of mind that even a direct
> quote from a well-accepted standard attracts this kind of response. 
> Guys,
> if you don't want to listen to others, and have only abuse to offer, don't
> answer questions at all. Why do you think every single yum thread is
> degenerating lately ? Every single poster but you is brain-damaged ?

The only yum developers who have spoken in this thread have been Panu
and Me.

I'm sorry we don't agree but that happens sometime. Luckily you don't
have to worry about what I do or do not believe for two reasons:

  1. it's open source you can do what you want

  2. Menno Smits and other folks have given yum a lovely Plugin
interface that makes this problem utterly trivial to get around. I would
highly encourage you to write a make-it-clean plugin that, for example,
could run after the transaction finishes and cleans up all the rpms in
the /var/cache/yum directory, if you wish.

Seriously, write the plugin, send it to yum-devel list.


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