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Re: yum clean bug

On Sat, 2005-12-10 at 02:09 +1030, n0dalus wrote:
> I think it is clear that there are people interpreting the meaning of
> 'all' differently.
> To some people, 'all' really means all. To other people, 'all' means a
> selection of things they have set from a slightly more encompassing
> 'all'. 

It is extremely difficult to interpret one word the same across all
people/features.  It's like determining what the meaning of 'is' is.
(ok, bad joke).  Seriously as Jef states, unless we do spoken word
translation, the simple terms will just need to be defined in man pages
and whatnot.  I'm sure Seth would be perfectly ameanable to a man page
patch that clearly defines what the term 'all' means in a given context,
such as a clean action, or within yum as a whole.  Within yum, the term
'all' refers to all the enabled repos. (see, all gets used there too!)

> I know that the devs don't want to add "useless" new features
> to yum, but personally having a few extra options like this really
> wouldn't go astray, and would be very useful in lots of cases:
> yum clean enabled
> yum clean disabled
> By all means tell us to hide away these new features in yum-utils (if
> anyone wants to code them), but I don't think the issue should just be
> dismissed.

Please do.  Code speaks much louder than words, and yum-utils is a great
way to get new features into something usable.  Think of yum-utils
something like Fedora Extras.

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