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g77/gfortran incompatibilities


I am currently annoyed by the gfortran/g77 incompatibilities. Indeed gfortran
has still some regressions with regard with g77, especially some missing 
intrinsics. Some are listed in the g77 regressions meta-bug here:
some are not listed (getarg, imag).

So there is still a need for g77 to build some code (for example the cernlib
in fedora extras). Now the trouble is that code compiled with g77 and 
gfortran are not binary compatible. I have been told that compiling using 
g77 with -fno-f2c leads to compatibility with gfortran. Is it the case?

If it is the case, I think that all the libraries compiled with g77 in 
fedora extras (is there any fortran in fedora core?) should be compiled
with  -fno-f2c with the issue that all the code to be compiled against 
those libraries should also be compiled with -fno-f2c. Does this make sense?


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