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Re: yum clean bug

On 12/10/05, Rahul Sundaram <sundaram redhat com> wrote:
> [...]
> I think its a pretty good idea to use yum-utils as a gateway for new
> features in Yum. Only thing thats waiting on is code.
> regards
> Rahul

I think it is a good idea too.
However I feel a distinct lack of motivation for submitting a new
feature when the developers just dismiss ideas casually and say that
feature will never have a chance of inclusion. So even if everyone
that uses a new plugin from yum-utils says it is the best thing since
sliced bread and they all want it in yum, it probably won't ever see
the light of day -- after all, the developers said it would never be
considered, right? Will yum-utils then just become a place to stash
any unwanted features?

On the other hand, if the developers said (and actually meant it) "The
idea could be improved a bit, but I think it has some merit when I
look at it from your perspective. You're welcome to try submitting it
to yum-utils and we'll see if people like it. Thank you for suggesting
a new feature and doing your part in keeping a good open source
project alive."; the person would have a sense that they could
contribute, and they would be motivated to write their plugin in the
best possible way to see if people will like it.

Please note, this is not aimed at any particular developers, or even
at yum in particular, but it's just a principle that could apply to
any open source project.

As a side note, how many people actually have yum-utils and are aware
of all it's features? There is once again very little motivation to
submit to something that won't be used or even known about. Maybe the
yum-utils structure could be improved to better incorporate plugins,
or maybe a whole new yum-plugins package could be made. It would be
nice to have a man page as well to (tersely if necessary) describe all
the included features. Please note that I would be happy to attempt
such a project if people think it is worthwhile.


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