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Re: /var/cache yum usage (was Re: yum clean bug)

On Fri, 2005-12-09 at 19:39 +0100, Nicolas Mailhot wrote:
> Do you actually read the messages you're responding to ?

Yes, I do.  However it is sometimes difficult to context switch to the
exact particular phrase of a message that you might object to.

> This particular subthread had nothing to say on the subject,

Then why does it exist, and exist w/out a subject change?

>  just that
> if preserving yum "cache" data presents some interest (because of some
> particular use cases) /var/cache was a particularly dangerous place to
> put it.
> I know Seth well enough to stop arguing when he writes no, never.
> Since he insists /var/cache/yum/* must be preserved, I was pointing out
> /var/spool/yum/ would make his choice more clear and consistent with
> general system rules.

And you missed the entire point.  Seth and co are NOT saying that the
cache MUST be preserved.  We're saying that yum will not be the device
that will guess as to when the user might want that cache removed.
Please do get the argument right.  The argument is whether or not yum
should clean this cache out.  One camp says that yum itself should only
deal w/ cache cleaning of existing/enabled repos.  Valid reasons for
this have been listed.  The other camp indicates that they wish yum to
clean all cache that exists within /var/cache/yum.  They were told no by
Seth, alternatives arose, definitions of the 'all' in yum clean all were
extolled, and suggests were made to amend the docs and toss code at
yum-utils (to script rm -rf /var/cache/yum/ which is silly IMHO to
script this).  Since you don't seem to be arguing one camp or the other,
you must be out in camp C that is happily telling everybody that what
they are saying is wrong, and everything should change because you feel
it should.  Am I in the right context now?

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