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Re: Delta RPM status?

I've done some work on this and I have a link to other related
projects at the bottom
of this document:

In particular see link for Delta RPM by Michael Schroeder.

Michael has been gently suggesting that we use his software in Fedora
-- which I would agree with. I hope to do more work on this in Jan
2006 when I hope to have more free time.


On 12/10/05, Jonathan Dieter <jdieter99 gmx net> wrote:
> What is the current status of delta RPMS?  I've developed a python
> implementation that can create a byte-for-byte duplicate of the update
> RPM from the delta using a modified bsdiff algorithm, but apparently
> I've been duplicating others' work.  My implementation works on a
> file-by-file basis rather than archive by archive and will work even if
> configuration files have been changed (by storing said files in patch as
> new files rather than as deltas).  It also can either use the user's
> file-system or an original RPM as it's source for applying the delta.
> However, I realize all this may be a moot point if there's already
> something out there that provides the same functionality.  I hope I
> haven't stepped on anyone's toes.  Thanks,
> Jonathan
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