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Re: yum clean bug

Willem Riede wrote:
> On 12/09/2005 03:10:16 PM, Nicolas Mailhot wrote:
>> 1. shouldn't yum remove every part of /var/cache/yum not covered by a
>> repo (enabled or not) since obviously it can not use it for optimization
>> purposes ? (this would correspond to standard home-keeping after repo
>> removal/renaming). Other tools routinely remove this kind of leftovers
>> or at least flag them (yum leftovers can be huge, a repo can consume
>> hundreds of MiBs in old downloaded packages, and people seem to like
>> renaming repositories). Unless there is some other reason to keep it ?
>> (but then it does not belong in /var/cache/yum anymore)
> Are you effectively arguing for a --deleterepo=<name> option, where this
> would remove both the <name>.repo file and /var/cache/yum/<name> plus
> contents?

No, I'm arguing for yum doing its own housekeeping, ie remove all stuff
in /var/cache/yum no longer tracked by a repo file (enabled or not)

If yum does not do it, the admin will just wipe out everything which
will remove useful cache info with the various other yum leftovers.

Or the admin won't do it at all, and yum is leaking hundreds of megs of
data in the filesystem

Either way, you loose.

Nicolas Mailhot

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