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Re: yum clean bug

Panu Matilainen wrote:

This is precisely the reason I dislike the current behavior - if I ask yum to "clean all" I really expect it to clean ALL of the cache and not leave old junk from disabled repos around, eating disk space.

If this is really the way we want it to act, please clearly document that we need to add --enablerepo=* to clean disabled repos.

I guess can live with that, it just feels rather counterintuitive to me to have to mess with repo settings to clean cache data. If somebody can come up with a real, sane usage scenario why leaving disabled repos alone on clean operations is a good idea it might help making it feel a bit less odd. :)

Problem with the yum --enablerepo=\* clean all approach as things are today, is that non-defined repos are NOT cleaned from this.

I can appreciate that people are using repo disabling for various things where cleaning the repo might not be desirable, so I guess i can live with the current behaviour for disabled repos.

Are there any good reason for not nuking non-existing yum repo cache entries? Apart from the fact that somebody else might have put data in there for something else? I mean /var/cache/yum, is still considered yum's, right? So deleting data that somebody put in there manually should not be a violation of anything, right?



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