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"yum --partial" feature as a bash line

Since the yum "bug" topic flooded the mailing list, this is a new post. A few days ago someone proposed a "yum --partial" feature in order to have partial updates instead of no updates - e.g if eclipse is broken, then why shouldn't httpd get updated?

Heres a quick "answer" :

# get a list of items
# remove 4 lines from top  (tac/head/tac)
# try to update one item at a time
for k in `yum list updates | awk '{ print $1 }' | tac | head -n-4 | tac`; do yum -y update
$k; done

Obviously this isn't too nice, but if someone has a better idea, this would allow fedora devel/test users to make automatic partial updates when dependencies are broken (quite often with the devel repositories). I don't expect a feature like this to be implemented in yum, since in the real world, we don't have broken dependencies (theoretically). Or should I write a yum plugin ... ?

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