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Re: sky2 and hard drive performance

Nathan Grennan wrote:

   I do see that the driver can be loaded without a drop in performance,
it is only activating the driver that triggers it. Another thing I see
is that deactivating it doesn't fix the problem. In that I can go from
run level 5 to run level 1, where networking is shut down in the
process, but the performance in run level 1 will still be slow.

  Another potential clue maybe that I didn't see such a drop with raid0
performance when I started using the sky2 driver. So I suspect it is
just an interaction between the raid5 code and the sky2 code.

   Who's bugzilla should bug reports for this driver go into?

You should test it with the latest vanilla upstream kernel sources like 2.6.14.X and 2.6.15-rcX-gitY. If they are still broken there, then file a bug at bugzilla.kernel.org.

Warren Togami
wtogami redhat com

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