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Rawhide mouse slow movement control


I'd like to suggest a capability to be included in the Rawhide project. The request comes from my attempt to setup a PS/2 Kensington Expert Mouse on a Fedora system. The Kensington Expert Mouse is a trackball designed for Windows systems. The trackball hardware is not an issue. Setting up the Kensington mouse using the standard gnome mouse program, the trackball maneuvers the cursor like a normal mouse without problem.

The issue is a missing software control which is not available in the standard mouse preferences program but which is available in the Kensington Mouseworks program, a Windows specific program not ported to Linux. Without the Mouseworks program installed on a system, the trackball works the same in either a Windows or Linux environment. With the Kensington Mouseworks program it is possible to set up entirely different parameters for how the cursor is accelerated when the mouse is moved slowly versus when it is moved fast. This allows a user to zip the cursor to an area on the screen and then have slow, precision control once there, as when editing a picture or selecting any small item on the screen. This capability becomes more important as screen resolutions increase and items on screen become smaller and harder to pinpoint exactly. Such fine control would be beneficial for use with any type of mouse and should be manufacturer independent.

From within the present mouse program a Fedora user can adjust the acceleration of the cursor movement globally only, restricted to using a single slider button. Neither is there the ability for the program to detect when the mouse is being moved slowly. In the Mouseworks program there is a box which must be checked to access the fine control parameters. If left unchecked, only the standard acceleration control is available and the fine controls are grayed out. If checked, the Mouseworks program makes two additional slider controls available; one for when the mouse is moved fast and one for when it is moved slow. Once selected, when the program detects that the mouse is being moved slowly it alters the acceleration of the cursor according to user preferences. I don't know at what threshold the program determines the movement to be slow. It seems to be a gradual change, not a sudden shift from super fast to super slow.

This capability should not be available for use with a finger pad on a laptop. Personally, I use a Wacom tablet, and, like a finger pad, when I move the stylus slowly the cursor moves slowly and precisely. There would be no use for such additional control on a tablet or a finger pad, and the option should be grayed out unless the system detects an external mouse connection, and then it should only be applied to an external mouse.


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