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Re: Default cursor theme for FC5.

Mike A. Harris wrote:

My current running assumption, is that manually hacking this
to be like it was before is the correct thing to do for now,
however since I haven't seen anyone complain or file any bug
reports, I'm wondering if we now override the cursor settings
via Gconf or something else?

Last time i checked this was still set by the theme files.

So:  Should the default cursor theme remain "BlueCurve", and

IMHO, we should definitely get away from the current cursor theme, wherever it's coming from. The reason being that it's blue, which i feel goes bad as a mouse theme. Also i feel that the busy indicator is too "busy".

I like the bluecurve theme, but something like jimmac's cursor theme (i think it can be found on gnome-look.org (i think it's called jimmac0) if you're are at all interested.

if so, is it prefered that the libXcursor package supply the
/usr/share/icons/default/index.theme file in by default and
set this up?

I think so. previously this has belonged to the xorg-x11 package, but since we're modulizing, this seems fine to me.


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