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funny user moment (and perhaps a bug)

I just had an amusing moment with FC4, and while I don't know if this is actually a bug in any component, it made for an unexpected experience. Take it or leave it.

I'm sitting a few feet away from the FC4 box. I'm logged into Gnome, and I'm playing an audio CD with the Gnome CD Player applet (2.10.2), a.k.a. the local session.

I'm also logged into the same FC4 box via NX, which is also running a separate Gnome (a.k.a. the remote session).

I eject the CD, and put in another.

Both the local and the remote sessions get their own CD Players, and both CD Players seem to be "playing" the CD (the song position dragger is moving in both), and both show the correct CDDB entry.

I stop and play the CD using the CD Player in the remote session. It stops, and starts as it should. The CD Player in the local session is now out of synch -- it detects the "stop", but not the "play".

There were two unexpected things in this tale: first, the "remote" Gnome session shouldn't have gotten a CD Player (if only because I didn't try to forward audio in my NX settings, for one, but there are also probably security considerations about console owners and such). Second, the "local" CD Player should've been in synch with what was going on with the CD (e.g., track changes were not reflected).

If any of these are actual bugs, please tell me the components and I'll file them.

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