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Re: funny user moment (and perhaps a bug)

On 12/13/05, Jack Tanner <ihok hotmail com> wrote:
> If any of these are actual bugs, please tell me the components and I'll
> file them.

I don't know if there is any technical mechanism to tell the first
gnome session from the session exported over NX. Both sessions are
really just 2 local gnome sessions being run by the same user. I
imagine if you started a second session via gdmflexiserver and login
as the same user or start up a vncserver with a gnome desktop it
should behave similarly to the original session. Both your sessions
are the same user and the "console" concept as used by pam tracks
username so I'm not sure how you would restrict the first session as
special unless there is some special commandline magic you can pass to
gnome-session that I am unaware of.

If there is a bug here it probably has to do with the fact that the
cd-player application itself gets out of sync across  multiple
invocations.  Can you reproduce this by starting 2 gnome-cd instances
in the same gnome session?


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