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Re: gstreamer 0.10

On 14-Dec-2005 12:10.39 (GMT), Dan Williams wrote:
 > > dmix is an alsa helper for devices that don't support hardware mixing or
 > > have fixed-frequency codecs (e.g. the 48000Hz fixed-frequency
 > > Intel/VIA/SIS integrated audio devices). It downmixes and frequency
 > > scales as required.
 > This is what all the other OSs that actually have sound device
 > arbitration do AFAIK.  On Mac OS X, you _don't_ touch the hardware, you
 > don't open /dev/dsp, period.  You talk to CoreAudio (or Carbon's
 > SoundManager), which handles mixing and resampling if required, and
 > passes all audio to the device.  Which is what we should be doing in
 > Linux too.  The audio situation without something like dmix arbitration
 > is just horrific.

But does dmix downmix when using a card that does support hardware
mixing, e.g. emu10k1? In that case it would just be burning cycles

Plus if dmix was pushing through a channel that had an EAX filter on it
would apply it to all audio output.

rob andrews                                            rob choralone org

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