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Re: gstreamer 0.10

On 14-Dec-2005 13:07.17 (GMT), Peter Zubaj wrote:
 > > > passes all audio to the device.  Which is what we should be doing in
 > > > Linux too.  The audio situation without something like dmix arbitration
 > > > is just horrific.
 > > But does dmix downmix when using a card that does support hardware
 > > mixing, e.g. emu10k1? In that case it would just be burning cycles
 > > unnecessarily.
 > dmix is not used on emu10k1

No, it's not. But if we were forced to push everything through dmix as a
layer of arbitration, then it would be used.

 > > Plus if dmix was pushing through a channel that had an EAX filter on it
 > > would apply it to all audio output.
 > There is no EAX on linux and emu10k1.

EAX is a series of bytecode compiled modules that can be built with
as10k1 and loaded onto the emu10k1 with the ld10k1 tool.

See http://emu10k1.sourceforge.net/as10k1-manual/index.html and
(discontinued here but I think it's been continued elsewhere)
http://ld10k1.sourceforge.net/ pages for details.

rob andrews                                            rob choralone org

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