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Re: Default cursor theme for FC5.

Matthias Clasen wrote:
On Wed, 2005-12-14 at 12:44 +0100, Marcus Hartig wrote:
Joachim Frieben wrote:

The "jinmac" theme is the one already used by Ubuntu, I think.
Quite ugly though. One should simply revert to the FC4 theme
which is simple and good looking.
Ugly for you? Hm, that is the point why Fedora needs a little nice selection from maybe the artwork package:

- bluecurve (small and big)
- bluecurve inverse (small and big)
- jimmac0
- lil-polar (highest rated on gnome-look)
- big Tux Cursor (for the kids)

And the most users with different tastes, blind people, different screen resolutions and notebook users are all happy. If there are no license problems to include them... ;)


Now that we can change cursor themes in the mouse capplet, I think it would be a very nice idea to package some quality cursor themes for Extras.

By all means, make a decent one (like bluecurve) default and make a selection of others available in extras.

Since we're trying to slim core down, adding several mouse themes may not be the way to go! (although they don't fill that much space)


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