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mirror synchronization flags?


Please correct me if I'm wrong, but as far as I know, the fedora tree has no built-in semantics for letting other mirrors (perhaps even clients) know if they are fully synced or in the middle of a mirroring operation.

How about documenting a way to use some sort of semaphore (file) that can be checked to make sure that mirroring has finished? Mirrors, clients retrieving their data from a certain mirror could then check/wait for the mirror to finish or find another mirror in the meantime? The document could also share a few ideas on what to include/exclude for certain types of mirrors, whether (or when) local createrepo should be setup and such?

Debian has something like this IIRC, and it makes the mirroring a lot less prone to errors. Less chance of unresolved dependencies due to half-synced mirror. Less chance of yum (as example) to fail because a package specified in the repodata does not exist, stuff like that?

Was something like this an idea or would it just complicate things more than need be?


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