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Re: Default cursor theme for FC5.

Thomas M Steenholdt wrote:

By all means, make a decent one (like bluecurve) default and make a selection of others available in extras.

Since we're trying to slim core down, adding several mouse themes may not be the way to go! (although they don't fill that much space)

Yes, but the jimmac cursor for example is only 185kb here...

When I look in other places:
/lib/kbd/consolefonts (194 fonts)
SYSFONT="latarcyrheb-sun16" ?

+1000 translations I will never use in /usr/share/locales: du -h

Nothing against Spain, but why are cups translations in Spanish laying here around? Is really no other way possible, that every pkg installs all translations from Chinese to xyz?

And many man-pages and others...nobody read them really, only the sys admins or for the important linux tools...There are really other bigger things to slim the Linux or Fedora system down, as a little nice cursor using every day.


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