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Re: gstreamer 0.10


> This is what all the other OSs that actually have sound device
> arbitration do AFAIK.  On Mac OS X, you _don't_ touch the hardware, you
> don't open /dev/dsp, period.  You talk to CoreAudio (or Carbon's
> SoundManager), which handles mixing and resampling if required, and
> passes all audio to the device.  Which is what we should be doing in
> Linux too.  The audio situation without something like dmix arbitration
> is just horrific.

I agree with the theory; sadly, dmix still does not work reliably on
some popular chips.  ac97 users still see any of
a) lockups, no CPU use
b) lockups, 100% CPU use
c) frames of audio being played in random order, sounds like a skipping
CD player.

ALSA would benefit from a distro actually employing one of them and
giving them the mission to get it to Work On Every Card.


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