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Re: mirror synchronization flags?

seth vidal wrote:
1. wrong list for this discussion - the mirrors discussion list is more
2. you'd need the mirrors to use a consistent script in order to ensure
that the files were retrieved in a correct order such that the semaphore
file was retrieved last. This has proved to be harder to get folks to do
than you would expect.

1. okay - i've been looking for the mirrors discussion list and can't seem to find it - any chance somebody could post a link os something?

2. I can't imagine this would be a problem for the official mirrors? I believe it's a matter of finding a solution (simple protocol if you will) that allows the mirrors to provide an even better service without too much fuss. It could also be a great way for a central (fedoraproject.org or something) status page that could easily poll the official mirrors for status and such.


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