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Re: funny user moment (and perhaps a bug)

On Thu, 2005-12-15 at 09:24 +1100, Darren Steven wrote:
> Hi,
> Just one question about this thread. Are local and remote the same user?
> If so, won't there be some reuse of the daemons etc that handle dbus
> interaction etc.
> I know with kde that it is a bit scary running 2x sessions as the same
> user. Things don't always behave. Not sure about gnome

GNOME brings up a dialog warning you that you're already logged in if
you try and log in twice. Its not very strongly worded, but the
implication is "please don't do that".

One of the more annoying things is you can't run more than one copy of
Galeon. Trying to launch a second copy only results in the original copy
opening a new window in the original session. And the gnome panel tends
to get a bit flaky. Etc...

IMHO this is really broken. You should be able to log in to GNOME more
than once. After all, you can log in as many times as you want to a
shell. Seems like a horrible regression of functionality as far as unix
philosophy is concerned.

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