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Re: funny user moment (and perhaps a bug)

On Thu, 2005-12-15 at 01:47 -0600, Callum Lerwick wrote:
> IMHO this is really broken. You should be able to log in to GNOME more
> than once. After all, you can log in as many times as you want to a
> shell. Seems like a horrible regression of functionality as far as
> unix philosophy is concerned.

It's probably done on purpose as a usability thing. They probably assume
that if you have windows open on more than one machine, you're too
stupid to remember which is which; so you have to be banned from doing
it in the first place.

Some day soon, I expect the GNOME web browser du jour will actively
filter out big words from the pages it's displaying, in case they
confuse the user.

We're not far from that day already, in fact -- Evolution already
refuses to display error messages it receives from the SMTP server,
_even_ in an optional 'show details' section of the error dialog.
Instead it makes up its own 'reasons' for the failure which are often
completely incorrect. (Bug #165271)


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