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Re: Default cursor theme for FC5.

On Wed, 14 Dec 2005, Dick Dishkuvek wrote:

Joachim Frieben wrote:
I think the classic Bluecurve icon cursor them is much better
anyway than this spinning blue thingy of FC5-rawhide.

I agree.  The spinning blue thing is a distraction, it also makes the
cursor take up too much area, cursors should be a little smaller, at
least by default.

The spinning blue thing might look nice on suitable background but it's a total disaster when you 1) Have a blueish background (for example RHEL 4u2 introduced this new thingy and the cursor completely vanishes into the default blue background) 2) Try to click on something when it's spinning. Why doesn't it have an arrow in it at all times, like it has for example on top of firefox window?

There was a comment earlier about the FC4 cursors "busy" animated hour
glass being too busy.  This may be true, but it is certainly less busy
than the blue spinning thing.

Well at least you could *see* where the cursor is with the spinning hourglass. It never bothered me, apart from suffering from the problem 2) above as well to some extent.

	- Panu -

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