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Re: Fedora meeting Mono Half-Way

Benjy Grogan wrote:

I know this topic has been mentioned over and over, and everyone is irritated by it. But why not meet the Mono project half-way? Why can't the hal-sharp and the dbus-sharp, and gtk-sharp add-ons be included in the fedora packages?

At the moment Fedora seems to want absolutely nothing to do with Mono.

It seems to me you already know the anser to your own question :-)

Look at it this way, Fedora should try to do the smallest amount possible to embrace Mono. Make it easier on the repositories that do include Mono, so that if I want to install Beagle or F-Spot, I can leave the system libraries on Fedora alone.

There are some killer-apps built using Mono. Fedora should get cheeky and see what they can get away.

Myself, I would welcome equivalents of the above apps NOT using mono instead, but that's just me. How many virtual machines and frameworks are we supposed to install ?

Davide Bolcioni
Paranoia is a survival asset.

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