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bittorrent in core? what frontend?

At some point in time we in the desktop group discussed shipping
bittorrent and a nice frontend in fedora core. Since more and more
people start to use this as a standard way of distributing software
(e.g. fedora core itself uses this) it really should be supported in a
default desktop install, so that when you click on a torrent file in the
browser something "nice" happens.

What are peoples opinions on this?

Another question is what frontend to use as a default. bittorrent itself
ships with a wxPython based frontend (bittorrent-gui, availible with
bittorrent in fedora extras). Another frontend is gnome-bt
(http://gnome-bt.sourceforge.net/) which is designed more like a simple
*.torrent mime handler rather than a full bittorrent app. Ubuntu
defaults to this i think.

I packaged gnome-bt at:

I don't use bittorrent all that much. What do people think about these
two frontends? Are there other interesting ones?

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