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Re: Fedora meeting Mono Half-Way

Dan Williams wrote:

On Thu, 2005-12-15 at 07:21 -0500, Benjy Grogan wrote:
On 12/15/05, Patrick Barnes <nman64 n-man com> wrote:
       Benjy Grogan wrote:
       > Hello:
       > I know this topic has been mentioned over and over, and
       everyone is
       > irritated by it.  But why not meet the Mono project
       half-way?  Why
       > can't the hal-sharp and the dbus-sharp, and gtk-sharp
add-ons be > included in the fedora packages?

There are patents in Mono.  But what patent is there in a mono binding
do d-bus?  D-bus has no patent issues..  So a mono binding is just
like a c++ binding, or a c binding.. or any binding.
I'm talking about including the mono bindings in Fedoro system

I can't see how there would be a patent in a mono binding for d-bus?

Because you have to have Mono first, before you can build the bindings
for dbus/hal/etc.  And to make the bindings useful, you must build them.


but what about a %with_mono flag in the spec file which lets us build it without using third party packages? like its done with the bytecode interpreter in freetype. (or the ntfs kernel module but this is something different)

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