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Re: bittorrent in core? what frontend?

Luke Macken wrote:
On Thu, Dec 15, 2005 at 04:12:03PM +0000, Paul Howarth wrote:
| Alexander Larsson wrote:
| >At some point in time we in the desktop group discussed shipping
| >bittorrent and a nice frontend in fedora core. Since more and more
| >people start to use this as a standard way of distributing software
| >(e.g. fedora core itself uses this) it really should be supported in a
| >default desktop install, so that when you click on a torrent file in the
| >browser something "nice" happens.
| >
| >What are peoples opinions on this?
| >
| >Another question is what frontend to use as a default. bittorrent itself
| >ships with a wxPython based frontend (bittorrent-gui, availible with
| >bittorrent in fedora extras). Another frontend is gnome-bt
| >(http://gnome-bt.sourceforge.net/) which is designed more like a simple
| >*.torrent mime handler rather than a full bittorrent app. Ubuntu
| >defaults to this i think.
| >
| >I packaged gnome-bt at:
| >http://people.redhat.com/alexl/files/gnome-bt-0.0.22-1.noarch.rpm
| >http://people.redhat.com/alexl/files/gnome-bt-0.0.22-1.src.rpm
| >
| >I don't use bittorrent all that much. What do people think about these
| >two frontends? Are there other interesting ones?
| | Upstream bittorrent stopped using wxPython at 3.90; the current -gui | package used in bittorrent 4.x is pygtk2-based and I don't see any | advantages that gnome-bt has over it personally.


If any bittorrent client is to slip into core, my vote is for the
upstream default.

| I think the only viable alternative would be azureus really, which is | java-based.

Azureus is OK, but is a bit feature-bloated IMO for a pice of software
that just needs to manage downloads (I mean, seriously, do people really
need an IRC client built into their bittorrent client?).  I think that
the functionality of the standard upstream gui should satisfy all of our
core needs.
Agreed about the IRC client but does it allow bandwidth throttling, file priority selection (High, low, dont get), and UPnP router management? I haven't used it because azureus has satisfied all my needs just wondering what it provided and that rpm looks so far away. -mf

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