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Re: Fedora meeting Mono Half-Way

Gianluca Sforna wrote:
Despite I know _zero_ C#, your list list seems to be quite fulfilled
by C++ (or, if you want to stick to higher level languages, python). I
guess Peter's answer should be nearer to reality...
Yeah, and you've got to get a PhD in C++ to just write "hello world". When Owen Taylor was a physics grad student, I looked over his shoulder at screens of immaculate pseudo-OO C that he'd write and he talked my ear off about what was wrong with C++. This is why the gtk C++ bindings are called gtk--.

Sure, you can find C++ libraries for automatically managed objects, safe strings, and wonderful data structures. Boost, for instance, is wonderful, but I can't get it compiled on a number of older Linux and Solaris servers that don't have gcc 4. For 20 years people have been inventing and re-inventing the wheel for doing basic things in C++, so C++ code bases are painfully fragmented.

As for Python, the Python community makes fantastic claims about rapid development in Python. So far as I can tell, the idea is that you can get your application working 80% for 20% of the work, so let's just do 20% of the work and say it's done. Python has the same thread safety problems as PHP and Perl (it links in who knows how many unsafe libraries) but the Python people tell you to jump right in and use threads, whereas the PHP and Perl people warn about the dangers. In another thread, people are talking about the Python bittorrent client -- which wouldn't run on FC3 a year ago because Python broke a bunch of API's.

And don't get me started about all the GUI gadgets in FC and RHEL written in Python that "almost work"... These things don't bother me since I just edit /etc/sysconfig, but they certainly make Linux look bad in the eyes of novices.

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