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Re: Fedora meeting Mono Half-Way

Alan Cox wrote:
Umm actually thats a very dangerous assumption. If the implementation in
mono is wrong then every app in mono has the hole. We've seen this occur
historically in other 'safe' languages. Also if there are bugs in libraries
it uses they end up everywhere

Yeah, but if you find a bug in mono, java, python or some other runtime you can patch it -- it's much less work than auditing the use of strings and pointers in each applications.

As for library bugs, that's an area where Java does better than C#. Half of it is that JNI is painful enough that people don't want to use it, the other half is that "100% Pure Java" has encouraged a kind of xenophobia -- rather than import thousands of libraries that aren't thread-safe, the culture of Java is such that people have started in a greenfield where, at the least, people were warned that their applications would live in a threaded environment.

C# was designed to make it easy to use legacy libraries. Pandering to lazy programmers is the Microsoft Way. C# is less (security, pointer goofs, memory leaks, thread) safe than Java as a result.
If you don't use the tools properly you don't get good results. Thats
nothing to do with mono
Yeah, but some tools are hard to use properly. People have been writing C for 30 years, and most still don't get it right.

A lot of programmers aren't happy with the options available for writing Gnome apps, and this is one reason why some respected Gnomers have gone down the mono path.

I totally agree that mono is in a legal minefield, and I respect the decision to not carry it. In a lot of ways, Red Hat's hands are tied.

   Maybe we need really good Gnome bindings that work for Java/gcj...

I used to be skeptical about Java on the desktop, but Azureus has made me a believer... It "just works" on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. Speed, reliability and features compare favorably with native apps.

Every so often I think about learning how to program desktop apps, but now that we've got AJAX and the Canvas element, I can do the things I want to do with web apps. The desktop app situation on Unix (never mind cross-platform) is a real mess. I regularly end up spending hours tracking down and installing libraries when I want to install a GUI app on Solaris or older Red Hat system. If I target the web platform, my app works on all the computers I use without the fuss...

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