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Re: bittorrent in core? what frontend?

On 12/15/05, Michael Favia <michael favia insitesinc com> wrote:
> Jeff Spaleta wrote:
> While i agree with j5 statemnt on simplicity i disagree that closing the
> torrent "defeats" the purpose. Even if individuals close the torrent
> after download they still supported the torrent throughout their
> download.

I have no problem letting users choose to stop their local bittorrent
node whenever they wish. What I have a problem with is a default
application that shutdowns the node activity at the end of downloads
by default for everyone... pretending to be something like an http or
ftp download client.  The peer activity of the bittorrent process is
important and i think it needs to be clear in the UI that uploads are
happening and can continue to happen as long as the local bittorrent
client stays alive.

I think its a bastardization of the bittorrent concept to have the
default client in Core that people will reach for be so simple as to
shutdown upload activity at the  end of download activity without
making an effort to educate the user that bittorent is a peer process
and gives the user the choice to turn off the upload activity or leave
it running.  A notification area icon which uses the libnotify bubbly
crap seems most appropriate to me.


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