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Re: Fedora meeting Mono Half-Way

I agree -- using a webapp approach to the desktop will prove far more
productive. You get nice clean separation between GUI and the logic
and it's (IMHO) far, far easier to develop nice GUIs that the
traditional C++ approach.

BTW -- related question: has Webmin ( http://www.webmin.com/ ) ever
been considered as a administration user interface for Fedora?


On 12/15/05, Paul A Houle <ph18 cornell edu> wrote:

>     Every so often I think about learning how to program desktop apps,
> but now that we've got AJAX and the Canvas element,  I can do the
> things I want to do with web apps.  The desktop app situation on Unix
> (never mind cross-platform) is a real mess.  I regularly end up spending
> hours tracking down and installing libraries when I want to install a
> GUI app on Solaris or older Red Hat system.  If I target the web
> platform,  my app works on all the computers I use without the fuss...

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