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Re: funny user moment (and perhaps a bug)

Dan Williams wrote:
Hmm, what the heck for?  That's what Desktop->Preferences->Remote
Desktop is for, really.  What's the case for logging in twice?  Shell
and desktop are so totally different that I'm not convinced that they
should operate the same way here (not that my opinion matters, really).
Should we expect all applications that provide GUI to put in a ton of
work to account for a case that a fairly small number of people might
actually use?

Wow. I had no idea that this would be controversial.

Yes, sometimes I log into Gnome twice as the same user on the same machine. For example, my FC4 box has a CD burner; my Windows box doesn't. But, my Windows box has a nicer monitor than the FC4 box. So, I log into the FC4 box locally, and do the CD burning dance on that machine.

At the same time, I sit at my Windows box, log into the FC4 box via NX, and run other user apps (Thunderbird, etc.)

It seemed completely natural to me to use my desktop that way.

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