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Re: Fedora meeting Mono Half-Way

> Callum Lerwick wrote:
> >>    I used to be skeptical about Java on the desktop,  but Azureus has 
> >> made me a believer...  It "just works" on Windows,  Linux and Mac OS X.  
> >> Speed,  reliability and features compare favorably with native apps.
> >>     
> >
> > 15520 seg       16   1  432m 116m 6616 S  5.0 23.2 374:27.73 java
> >                         ^^^^
> >                          :(

The 'VIRT' number includes all the shared libraries and dynamic objects
that are mapped in, even if they have never actually been paged in. Notice
how the 'RES'ident memory usage is 116M.

Also, this is memory usage with a JVM. In all languages there is a
tradeoff between memory usage and execution speed. Native code uses more
memory but often runs faster. Interpreted languages use relatively little
memory for code, but generally run slower. JVMs generally use about as
much memory as native code, and can run nearly as fast.

If you use a native compiler like gcj, I'm sure you could get a different
result set. Meanwhile, using gij will give you a nice, slow interpreter
for Java. :)

It's all about making the right tradeoffs... :)

-- Elliot
Unanswered questions in The Matrix: What happens if you take both the red 
pill AND the blue pill?

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