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Re: "GUI gadgets", was: Fedora meeting Mono Half-Way

As a maintainer of some of those "GUI gadgets"(*) I'd really like to
know what problems you have with them. It's not as if they were
faultless, but if there's something -- bugs or missing functionality --
which disturbs you, say what it is (and please put them into Bugzilla).
Badmouthing these tools in general ain't gonna help.

(*): system-config-date, system-config-nfs, system-config-samba,
system-config-services, system-config-users
In the past I have quite often run into python tracebacks (for invalid code), indicating the utilities had not been run through a checker. I think there's a language issue involved here, since this would not happen in a compiled language. However, it would not be fair to criticize now, since they seem to work. The point is that maybe other users have experienced the same, leading to the parent's comment.


However, since you bring up bugs... I tried system-config-user, and it says:

"The user database cannot be read. This problem is most likely caused by a mismatch in /etc/passwd, and /etc/shadow. This program will exit now".

I have no idea whether or not there's a mismatch in /etc/passwd and shadow, but I know that my computer seems to work just fine regardless of any such problems, and the tool should deal with it, and let me edit my users...
I also see that system-config-nfs cuts off the two entry boxes on the right when "Server Setting" is selected - the dialog is too small, and you have to resize it manually.

Also, usability could be improved here, and there. A trivial example is a bug I filed in January (12 months ago):

A much more serious problem is system-config-packages.
Every time I open it it greets me with a friendly message:
"/media/cdrecorder1" is not a valid installation source.
I don't think I've ever seen this app work - it's been that way for at least 2 years.

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