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Re: "GUI gadgets", was: Fedora meeting Mono Half-Way

On Fri, 2005-12-16 at 05:41 -0500, Ivan Gyurdiev wrote:

> However, since you bring up bugs... I tried system-config-user, and it says:
> "The user database cannot be read. This problem is most likely caused by 
> a mismatch in /etc/passwd, and /etc/shadow. This program will exit now".
> I have no idea whether or not there's a mismatch in /etc/passwd and 
> shadow, but I know that my computer seems to work just fine regardless 
> of any such problems, and the tool should deal with it, and let me edit 
> my users...

Can you open a BZ for this one? Please make a copy of your /etc/passwd,
group, shadow, gshadow files, edit out any (real) passwords and attach
them (marked as private) to that bug.

> ----
> I also see that system-config-nfs cuts off the two entry boxes on the 
> right when "Server Setting" is selected - the dialog is too small, and 
> you have to resize it manually

Fixed in Rawhide.

> ---
> Also, usability could be improved here, and there. A trivial example is 
> a bug I filed in January (12 months ago):
> https://bugzilla.redhat.com/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=145068.
> A much more serious problem is system-config-packages.
> Every time I open it it greets me with a friendly message:
> "/media/cdrecorder1" is not a valid installation source.
> I don't think I've ever seen this app work - it's been that way for at 
> least 2 years.
> ...

Can't really comment on these two.

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