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Re: bittorrent in core? what frontend?

On Sat, December 17, 2005 3:53 am, Michael A. Peters said:

> Users behind NAT isn't a Fedora problem. They need to port forward the
> BT ports - but that can go on something like fedorafaq.org (or whatever
> it is).

Well Fedora could help the situation by making sure its default bt client
supports UPnP so that a compliant nat router (like most linksys) will
automatically be configured without the user needing to deal with it at

> Firewall is a problem. A nice gui like firestarter (not necessarily
> firestarter, but something like it) for configuring the Fedora Firewall
> would be nice - with common app/port selections so users don't
> necessarily have to care what port ranges are used for what (unless they
> want to meddle with the defaults)
> until I decided to go with Linksys for my router, firestarter is what I
> used for NAT - it has a really nice interface for controlling what ports
> are allowed in etc.

It would be nice if the user just had to answer a simple question like
"Would you like to open the ports needed for BT in your firewall

The same problem exists when trying to configure many other network apps
too.   It would be great to have a general framework for apps to request
open ports from the firewall and have the user just get a popup so that
she can agree or cancel.  Perhaps this could all be done over dbus?  Does
something like this already exist?


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