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Re: bittorrent in core? what frontend?

> I'm sorry that BT is so difficult to use that you have to futz with
> firewalls.  But I don't feel that it is Fedora's place to allow
> applications to poke holes in firewalls not even on the system.

Not this flame war again. The only way P2P can *possibly* work is if you
poke holes through the firewall. If everyone were behind firewalls and
couldn't poke holes, there would be no P2P. If only a few people poke
holes, those nodes become solely responsible for uploading to the
firewalled nodes. The firewalled nodes still can't talk to each other.

And another thing, the whole point of a firewall is to keep malicious
stuff out. With UPNP/NAT-PMP, port forwards can only be set up from
behind the firewall. And only to the machine asking for it. If you've
got malicious software and/or users behind your firewall, you've already
lost the security battle. Get over it.

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