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Re: rawhide report: 20051217 changes

Dnia 17-12-2005, sob o godzinie 12:55 -0800, Jesse Keating napisał(a):
> > Next: how chages in libgcj affects perl modules ??? specialy noarch perl
> > modules ? :-o
> > This next plain waste of time and energy for supply build systems.
> Then I guess it is a good thing that it was my time and energy instead
> of yours.

So it mean "subscribe to fedora-devel-list it is waste of time" ?

> It was a scripted rebuild that had a few flaws.  1) the
> script failed to catch noarch packages that aren't built w/ gcc, and 2)
> the changelog bump had 'gcj' instead of 'gcc' in it due to not being
> changed after the java rebuilds.

So you know now (with my help or not) using this script it is bad
methodology (If it is not clear a'm talking only about this)
Consequences: instead reply for not sending any kind of answers better
will be spend this time on rething rebuilding methodology.

I'm not asking how scripted rebuild work. I'm asking using very simple
and elementar questions. If you don't want anwer on this or not want
chage this stupid scripts simple better not wast (my an your) time for
reply :>


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