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Re: boot faster

On 12/18/05, Rakotomandimby Mihamina
<mihamina rakotomandimby etu univ-orleans fr> wrote:
> Hi,
> Here is something that might be interesting:
> http://www.improvedsource.com/view.php/Linux-System/2/
> Why would not Fedora developpers pull some ideas from it to faster and
> faster the boot time?

Exactly which ideas do you think are worthwhile for default
configurations that Fedora developers should spent some time looking
at? I honestly don't see much in the way of generally applicable
speed-up ideas.

Recompiling of modules into the kernel... which modules are needed to
be compiled in is dependant on the system... there is no general
solution here that can be applied by default and benefit "most"

Tuning which services are running... has no general solution. Whether
or not someone needs specific services running is a system by system

Turning off auditd and selinux... not going to happen
Turning off kudzu completely... not going to happen

early-login was under development by Fedora developers, so clearly the
Fedora developers have been putting some time thinking about using
early-login and have decided its not ready for mainstream use yet.


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