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Re: Requires vs Requires.private ?

On Sun, 2005-12-18 at 14:46 -0800, Denis Leroy wrote:
> So what is up with the "Requires.private" entries in various pkgconfig
> .pc files ? Most mock fc5 builds are currently failing because of a
> missing dependency between libX11-devel and libxau-devel. Culprit seems
> to be :
> bash-3.00# grep -i requires /usr/lib/pkgconfig/x11.pc
> Requires: xproto kbproto inputproto
> Requires.private: xau xdmcp

If A Requires.private: B, that means libA links to libB, but apps/libs
that link to libA does not have to link to libB (when linking
dynamically on platforms that support library dependencies, like Linux).

It should not affect -devel packages. 

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