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Re: kdebindings-3.5.0-0.1.fc4 pull in ruby

jkeating j2solutions net (Jesse Keating) writes:

>> No, of cause not - I am worried about the package's working principles
>> and their reflection on packaging.
>> So all this more or less a "beware the beginnings/think twice" concern.
> Ruby itself didn't add 5m.  The package includes bindings for ruby,
> python, and perl, and all the other more generic things necessary to
> plug these pieces into KDE.  So while it can almost make sense to do a
> kdebindingsbase, then kdebindings-foo for each language, is it really
> worth the effort right now?

I think such a split should be done (not for FC4 but for FC5). Currently,
people who need e.g. only ruby bindings are forced to install the huge
perl dependency.

Unfortunatly, such packaging errors are seen often in Fedora
Core. E.g. people who want sendmail are forced to install MySQL and

Or aspell -- it works perfectly without perl but a packaging bug
introduces this huge dependency. Unfortunatly, Fedora Core developers
are not sensitive to such bugs and have a "diskspace is cheap" thinking
without seeing consequences for security and maintainability of the


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