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Re: boot faster

Rakotomandimby Mihamina wrote:

Here is something that might be interesting:
Exactly which ideas do you think are worthwhile for default
configurations that Fedora developers should spent some time looking
at? I honestly don't see much in the way of generally applicable
speed-up ideas.

I dont really know. I found that document, I just shared what I found...
I am not developper, but I use FC4 on my notebook (no dual boot).
Booting the fastest would insterest me, and I just brought some
ideas... :-)

Yep. Thank you for your interest. However the above link isnt much useful for that. If you havent noticed yet the whole bootchart program (http://bootchart.sf.net) came out of a challenge in Fedora to reduce boot up time and it did have a good impact on FC4. As others have pointed out this is a ongoing effort.


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