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Re: dbus-qt bindings

On Monday 19 December 2005 10:40, John (J5) Palmieri wrote:
> As I was told KDE 3.5 does not use these bindings and KDE will not be
> making another major release until 4.0 (correct me if I am wrong) so the
> chances of anything getting rebased to the new bindings is very slim.  I
> stand by my thoughts that all the functionality that KDE uses (which is
> slim, mostly just talking to HAL) should just be rolled into IOSlave or
> whatever uses it and a point release made.  This was actually the
> suggestion that the Qt4 binding maintainer made awhile ago.

OK,  when we had dbus-qt  if i plugged in a usb drive  i was prompted to mount 
the drive or ignore it  etc. this does not work now  that the support has 
been removed.  so what was there while not perfect  and not being maintained 
worked. but now  there is nothing.  i plug something it  i need to go mount 
it by hand. when i saw that there was some newer bindings  i saw it as an 
opportunity to get things back in.  

I believe the next major release of kde will be 4.0 I guess its time to brush 
up on C++ 


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