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Re: booting notebooks vs. suspend (was Re: boot faster)

Gilboa Davara wrote:

Umm... I rarely boot my machines (once in a couple of months), but I'd
venture to guess that if suspend-resume was bullet-proof, people would
have rebooted their machine only in the cases above, which are pretty
rare events for most Linux users.

My point exactly. IF you just want to pull the machine out of the bag, open it and use it, then close it and replace it, working ACPI suspend is the perfect solution. Booting becomes a relatively rare event and time to boot is less significant.

Plus, I might be wrong here, but doesn't suspend to disk theoretically
allows you to suspend, switch to Windows (*spit!), and pick up where you
left once you switch back to Linux?

Probably - I use ACPI suspend to RAM, I haven't tried the suspend2 (to disk) but I imagine it's slower.

If I wanted to use the other OS it's easier for me to use a vmware image than reboot.



camilo mesias co uk

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