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Too much time wasted installing fedora on raid1


Last N systems I've installed, I am usually assembling software raid1
at install time. The disk layout I'm using is trivial: 100MB +
the rest, where on 1st 100MB is /dev/md0 (ext3, /boot) and the rest is
/dev/md1 (lvm, other).

For whatever reason (haven't looked at the code yet :() anaconda
issuing mdadm commands in such order that primary replica of unsynched
md0 is second drive, and raid1 resync started first on md1.

So, to boot without changing bios settings back and forth (or without
disabling 1st disk drive by any other means) it is nesessary to wait
while md1 raid1 resyncs, which can be as long as 2 hours (250GB HDD).

I've not tried fc5 test1 yet, but I'm pretty sure that without any
additional steps to reslove this issue it couldn't just vaporize.
So, is it possible to change anaconda wrt described issue?

Paul P 'Stingray' Komkoff Jr // http://stingr.net/key <- my pgp key
 This message represents the official view of the voices in my head

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