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Re: scim-libs not signed error when using yum??

Gianluca Cecchi wrote:

>> You can try importing all of the keys or disable gpg key check just for the rawhide installation.

Imported all the RPM-GPG keys files, but nothing changes.
Also, the command "yum localinstall xscreensaver-extra" gives the same error
about xscreensaver-extra not being signed....
How to disable gpg check? Is it safe?

yum install xscreensaver-extras works fine here.

It works also for me, but I would like not to download packages two times, one for syncronizing and one for updating...

Not sure what you mean here. Yum checks the repository and downloads the repository metadata once if the local cache is not in sync with the mirror and then downloads the packages requested. Subsequent runs of Yum on rawhide does not redownload metadata and uses the local cache for the specified expiration period which is controlled by the metadata_expire in yum.conf with the default value of 1800 (seconds). If you perform a network installation you are only downloading these packages once. In any case the number of times you download a package does not vary while using yum as compared to RPM.


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